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Jukebox Karaoke in ISO lockdown

With the current restrictions in Melbourne, we've had to innovate. All bookings had been cancelled and the only service that was possible was our Jukebox Karaoke system. Funny enough though, when I called the Covid-19 business hotline to apply for a permit to operate, I was told that I could not deliver the service myself but I could organsie a courier. I asked the hotline customer service operator what licence does the courier have that they can operate but I cannot. I was told they don't have one but we need to just stick with the rules. This was very annoying as anyone could understand because in one instance the government is saying that big corporates such as Kmart can post their products but I can't.

Luckily a few clients persevered and still had their ISO lockdown party connecting with their family and friends via Skype or Zoom and had their party as best they could. The system worked flawlessly and I'm told the instructional videos had been helpful enough to setup and operate the system with no additional support.

This is what one of my customers had to say!

I am very impressed with MDP DJs and Booth for their professionalism and friendliness. I will use them again for any party.

It was my husband’s birthday and wanted to surprise him and make it special given that in better circumstances we would have been at the snow for his birthday. I wanted to hire some audio equipment and lights for a party at home with our kids ( my husband loves his music) to make isolation fun for one day. Due to stage 4 restrictions, all requests I made for hiring equipment a