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The Booking process:

1. Check out the services and pricing

2. Pick a service for your event

3. Fill out the online Booking form

4. We'll send you an invoice with payment options for the balance

5. You are all booked!

*If you need any assistance fill out eh 'Get In Touch' form here

About Us

At Melbourne DJ & Photo Booths (MDP), we are focused on providing professional DJs, Photo Booths, Bands and event hire. With the highest levels of customer satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. 

MDP makes it insanely easy for event organisers to find and book the best entertainment for any occasion. Follow these simple steps and then shout yourself a piece of cake - you've earned it for being clever.


Located in Melbourne, We cover 150km radius encompassing Geelong, Bendigo, Ballarat, Yarra Ranges and Mornington Peninsula. No event is too far and we bring everything that could be required for the event, from tables to extension leads. All our equipment is tag and tested and we are covered under business insurance for every venue type.


Discover Awesome Entertainment


Start by searching for the type of entertainment you want and the location of your event. Or you can find inspiration by perusing the awe-inspiring array of categories on our services page. Each service has it's own dedicated page details what is included and how it works. You can easily browse sample  audio and video clips, and check out the reviews and pics from past events.





Simply proceed to our booking page and fill out the form. Once you have paid a deposit or paid in full, your booking will be locked in.



All our clients are different and come from different backgrounds. Being able to take request with a diverse crowd is crucial for all our entertainers and DJs. Otherwise, you might as well have requested a Jukebox with a set playlist.



We guarantee every booking. Over 10 years in the industry and we have never canceled a booking. We plan ahead and ensure bookings are met with a professional attitude and service.



Before we can confirm a date, a deposit is required to provide commitment. 



Once a booking is confirmed we do allow for a change of date or time even location and communicate with you ensure that all your requirements are met.



Should any emergency arise coming up to your event, we recommend contacting the event coordinator that you booked with or see our contact us page.



At MDP DJs and Booths, we require a minimum of a deposit to be made before a booking can be confirmed. We offer a range of payment options from EFT to credit cards including American Express and even cash on the night. We also have a Square dongle which allows for inperson credit card payments.

Terms & Conditions

By paying a deposit, the hirer is also agreeing to the Terms & Conditions. A deposit is necessary to secure the event's time and date. Until a deposit is received, the date cannot be confirmed. The outstanding amount must be paid by the hirer to MDP Djs & Booths at least 14 days before the event. A travel surcharge may apply to events outside of the Casey and Dandenong council areas. An idle fee of $50 may apply for extensive waiting periods. Props must be in good order at the end of the event, otherwise, a charge may apply.

All deposits are non-refundable.  If the hirer cancels within 30 days before the event date the deposit can be held for a future booking.   Prior notice of 14 days is required for changes to the time and date of the event. We may also need to cancel and will provide at least 48 hours notice if the services cannot be fulfilled.
Hiring, delivery & service
Delivery, set up, and removal of the photo booth are free of charge. The time taken to deliver, set up, and remove the photo booth will be outside the rental period.  The booth attendant will aim to arrive 45-60mins prior to hiring time to set up the booth.  Additional charges may apply if we need to allow extra time to set up and pack up. The hirer is responsible to organize parking or cover any
associated parking costs for the attendant. Earlier setup time can be arranged in discussion with MDP Djs & Booths and an idle fee may be applied. A trained photo booth operator will be within close proximity of the photo booth at all times to ensure smooth running.  
By making a booking, you agree to accept full responsibility for any damages to the equipment, caused by any patrons or other persons at the function. If a third party is at fault, you as the hirer will still be liable to cover all repairs and replacement cost’s.
Use of images
As stated on the Photo Booths Page, we may use samples of the photos for promotional use. You can prevent this simply by requesting that the photos are not used prior to the event.
Force majeure
We will not be liable for failing to perform under the Agreement by the occurrence of any event beyond our reasonable control, including a labour disturbance, power outage or interruption of service, communication outage failure by a service provided to us to perform, fire, threatened or actual act of terrorism, natural disaster, etc. A 15-minute period will need to be allowed during the
hirer time, to solve any technical or printer issues.


The photo booth attendant has the right to shut down the equipment at any time during the event if they feel that the equipment is being misused, or potentially damaging to the equipment. The equipment will also be shut down or if anyone at the event becomes threatening, abusive, or violent toward our staff. If necessary, the equipment will be removed from the function. In this event, no
refunds apply.

Effort Guarantee: We are committed to providing a high-quality service and making your event a success. While we strive for excellence, we cannot guarantee that every aspect of the event will proceed without any issues. However, we assure you that our team will work diligently to address and resolve any challenges that may arise to ensure your satisfaction.

Client Confirmation: By proceeding with the payment, you confirm your approval of the initial event setup and service outline. Additionally, your final sign-off on the event setup serves as a double confirmation, indicating that the services provided meet your expectations and that any subsequent changes are subject to availability and potential additional costs.

DJ Service Adaptability: Music and entertainment are subjective, and we understand that our initial DJ service style and music selection may not align perfectly with every client's preferences. Therefore, we are open to receiving and incorporating music requests to better suit the event's atmosphere and your personal taste. However, we advise that while we will make all reasonable efforts to accommodate these requests, complete satisfaction with the music selection cannot be guaranteed.

By engaging our services, you acknowledge and agree to these terms, recognizing that while we are committed to delivering a memorable experience, there are elements of event planning and execution that may be beyond our control.

If your event requires paid parking this will be reimbursed by the person booking the service.
You must provide us with wheelchair access or similar supports in order to have the equipment on site.

Any bump in requirements for the venue must be provided to us by you prior to confirming your booking.

If you are booking an overnight hire, it is your responsibility to provide us with appropriate timings for setup and pickup. 

Any variations to these Terms & Conditions must be agreed to in writing.

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